044 – “Automated Unfunded Requirement (UR) System (AURS)”

Author: Greg Moten
Company: 412th Maintenance Group USAF (Dept of Defense)
Phone: (661) 277-6844
Email: gregory.moten@us.af.mil

Automated Unfunded Requirement (UR) System (AURS) The 412 MXG unfunded requirement (UR) development and execution process had a stakeholder satisfaction rating of 2.9 out of the 5.0 goal. The mediocre rating was influence by the lack of efficiency of the manual process, which was creating equipment/service acquisition, disposal, and cost control issues.

As a result, it delayed meeting customers’ expectations in replacing or upgrading equipment that are beyond their useful life cycle. This led to the end-users failing to acquiring and installing new equipment and disposing of old equipment in a timely manner. Additionally, end-users acquired equipment/services that had not been prioritized or approved by management in some cases. Moreover, acquisitions were made that did not meet end-users’ requirements because specifications were not validated, sustainment requirements were not addressed, and in one case, the equipment did not fit the location it was intended to be installed.

We addressed these issues using a process improvement event, which resulted in the development of a database system that provides transparency and visibility of UR to the staff within the maintenance organization. The UR database system provides:
• Approval for unfunded requirement requests that affect MXG facilities and equipment
• Manages changes of acquisition documentation and incorporate lessons learned and feedback into the system
• Manages compliance with the mandatory Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), USAF AFI acquisition, and purchasing mandatory guidelines
• Ensures that all applicable coordination requirements are documented and submitted to leadership, managers, facilities, information technology integrator, and contracting for all unfunded request
• Ensures that communication and information technology acquisitions and purchases are coordinated and approved using the Information Technology Investment Board (ITIB) as applicable
• Manages equipment removals, installations, and disposition actions.

The AURS was built using Microsoft ACCESS because the local IT organization solution would take 12-18 months to develop. We built, tested, and successfully deployed the desktop system in approximately 200 hours. It can be accessed by all 1578 maintenance group staff members and includes an approval and document filing capability that is visible by all user. It provides managers the capability to disapprove, approve, or request additional justification/clarification on unfunded submissions from their staff. The system gives managers the ability to coordinate with their staff, resources, facilities, internal IT integrator, and units that have an interest in a particular (UR). It provides resources with the ability to consolidate similar requirements to take advantage of quantity discounts.