061 – “LOGCELL End-to-End (E2E)”

Author: Robert J. Gordon
Company: NAVSUP WSS Philadelphia
Phone: (215) 847-9111
Email: robert.j.gordon3@navy.mil

Navy & Marine Corps Aviation must increase the flight line Mission Capable numbers. To achieve and sustain there must be an improvement to all aspects of our logistics and maintenance system. Challenges include reducing lead-times on contract awards and repair turnaround time at the Fleet Maintenance Intermediate Level/Maintenance Depot sites. To achieve, we must incorporate early alerts to any sustainment interruption and, receive engineering support to speed supply chain solutions and find demand mitigation opportunities. Supply chain shortages, cannibalization, and the delay of repair is costly to our Mission Capable goals and creating additional manpower requirements. Acceleration of new spares delivery: 1) Identification and stand-up of new repair sources; 2) Removal of I-Level repair barriers.

NAVSUP WSS created a Logistics Cell (LOGCELL) to provide a physical collaborative space based around IT Dashboards with common operating pictures to quickly identify and attack inefficiencies. This innovation has enhanced inter-organizational learning at every level on the End-to-End supply chain. Our new cross-functional teams are held accountable, and aligned to metrics focused on Readiness and decision-making speed. We are getting the right people in the room. Dashboards are fully transparent with friendly interface:
– Create a culture of problem solvers
– Shines a light on hidden barriers.

This initiative brings together supply chain performance areas, segment owners, and other associated metrics to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the DoD/Navy supply chain response to customer requirements and material readiness. The meetings are innovative and rapidly evolving into the command’s supply chain-focused management system.

LOGCELL has successfully piloted and demonstrated its value for multiple Type Model Series Aircraft and Support Equipment. Joining NAVAIR’s Program Executive Office (PEO), we have created a concept of operations for this End to End (E2E) project. We have completed a collaborative review of all top critical repair items with the V-22 Osprey and 8 other T/M/S teams. Utilizing the technology, we have examples of success in each category: Backorder reduction – Reduced overdue assets – Increase in Allowance Effectiveness – Reduction in Customer Wait Time – Cost avoidance.

Change management with employees and education of our naval aviation End-to-End complexities was a challenge, along with the cross collaboration of bringing in other services and DLA Aviation. However, we worked together and solved some of the toughest logistical challenges in our LOGCELL environment and, now, our web-based tool solution is available outside our command to these other services.
We use Cognos Analytics within the defense environment and Oblong’s Mezzanine technology to integrate multiple graphical unit interfaces for our Combat Information Center. Teams are getting the big picture & making more accurate confident decisions.