01 Accelerate Job Performance with Augmented Reality

Accelerate Job Performance with Augmented Reality

Ian Boulton

The only thing harder than keeping up with changing technology and equipment is to maintain them. Lengthy training processes on complex machines, mixed with a rapidly evolving workforce can make it difficult to sustain equipment. Augmented Reality brings a job performance paradigm to the table that has been proven to be successful in multiple industries.

Augmented Reality provides an interactive digital overlay to the real world, showing digital information in real time and in context on the physical asset. This is done using digital twins and 3D/Textual overlays. This digital information can be work instructions, IoT data, and even 2-way communication for ‘over the shoulder’ support. Instructions and notes can all be viewed within the operator’s field of view with the use of either a headset or tablet, whichever is preferred for the job.

Benefits to implementing Augmented reality include
• Improved retention and understanding of tasks
• Reduced training time
• Reduction of errors
• Empowering technicians with step by step visual work instructions
• Enhancing operator efficiency, allowing them to work faster
• Rapid problem detection with remote assistance

Augmented Reality will exponentially improve maintenance training and job performance for maintainers and operators alike. Additionally, AR can create a collaborative environment where an expert can remotely assist numerous operators throughout the different locations without leaving their office.

Several of PTC’s Aerospace and Defense customers have experiences positive results with Augmented Reality, including
• 25% faster wiring harness install (Boeing)
• 47% faster training instruction comprehension (SRI)
• 34% faster wiring a turbine control box (GE)
• 20-30% Increase in training rates (BAE)
• 32% more productive workforce (Industry Report on AR)
• 30% Higher quality output (Industry Report on AR)
• 40% Higher on the Job Training retention (Industry Report on AR)

PTC’s Augmented Reality platform, Vuforia, has been a top performer and a leader in the industry for the past decade. With over 55,000 AR apps created across thousands of customers, PTC holds over 65% of the AR market share. PTC has assembled several Vuforia packages to create the perfect solution for any problem that maintainers may face.

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