All 2019 Maintenance Innovation Challenge Submissions

Excel Scoresheet: MIC Scoresheet 2019 (12 Oct)

01 Accelerate Job Performance with Augmented Reality
02 2D23D Pilot Program to Convert Legacy Drawings to Digital Format
03 Rapid Application Development for Maintenance
04 Temple Allen's Paint Stripping Technology
05 Temple Allen's SAM Deck Scaler
06 Atmospheric Plasma Coating Removal
07 Redesign Additive Manufacturing (AM) Approach
08 Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600
09 Miniaturizing Improved Electrical Test and Inspection
10 SiteHawk RF Antenna & Cable Analyzer - Aviation Solution
11 Environmentally Responsible Cleaning with Dry Ice
12 Fluke Sonic Imaging Analyzer for Bleed Air, Pressurization, & Oxygen Leaks
13 Thermal Imaging Technology for Maintenance & Inspection
14 BotFactory - Desktop Electronics Printing & Assembly
15 Atlas Copco - Mobile Assembly Station
16 Hard Ultra-Low Friction Surface Treatment for Gas Turbine Airfoils
17 Use of Additive Manufacturing for Obsolete/Diminishing Source Parts – Screening and Selecting Candidate Parts for Additive Manufacture
18 MELD: A Novel Solid-State Technology for Sustainment
19 Robotics and Intelligent Automation of Like DoD Maintenance Processes
20 Meshbox for Maintenance Accountability
21 Inflatable Scaffolding (Bechtel + Navatek)
22 CleanMaster: An Optimized and Integrated Eco-Friendly Modular System Utilizing Recycled CO2 for Non-Aqueous Cleaning and Surface Preparation
23 Hexagon Composite Inspection System
24 High Efficiency Engine Improvements For Optimized Sustainability
25 Handheld wiring testers
26 T-Glass
27 Robots as a Service for Aircraft Washing
28 Augmented Reality Monitoring System for Aircraft Wiring
29 Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence in Centralized Enterprise Logistics and Supply Chain Support
30 Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering / Prototyping Suite
31 Mixed Reality Integration into Robotic Systems for Throughput Increase and Improved Quality
32 Virtual Reality Training
33 Interactive Online Simulators
34 Additive Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotube Metal Matrix Composites
35 Harnessing the Power of America Makes to Innovate New Maintenance Processes
36 The Enhanced Maintenance & Aircraft Status System (EMASS)
37 Augmented Reality Training Goggles
38 Tech Data Video Excerpts
39 Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Calibration Software Initiative
40 Guardian XO (eXOskeleton) Robot
41 Using 3D CAD models for Teaching, Performance Support and Virtual Reality (VR) Training
42 Cloud Based Risk Assessment
43 All-Purpose FOD Detection and Retrieval Device
44 Accelerate Your CBM+ Programs with the iIOT and Augmented Reality
45 Enhanced Aircraft Engine Wash Technology
46 Hardline Communication System Ensuring Safety in Confined Spaces
47 Sparsely Distributed Phased Array-Modal Acoustic Emission
48 Machine Learning for Non-Destructive Testing
49 Injection Procedure for Applying Radar Absorbent Material
50 ASCT - Accuracy Safety Calibration TE
51 Foam Filled Tires and Red Gear Wheels
52 3D Scanner Application for Tank Repair
53 Ultem 9085 FLCS Canopy Trainer
54 Rapid TDP Analysis to Support Maintenance Readiness
55 Optimizing MRO Resourcing and Processes across the NAE
56 Universal O-Level Armament Test System MTS-3060A SmartCan
57 Depot Diagnostic and FactoryIntel Dashboard
58 Submersible Remote Operated Vehicle for Tank Inspections
59 Modular and Configurable Subsea Robotic Arm System
60 Blown Optical Fiber Clamp
61 Shared Distribution System
62 ZOLLER »zidCode« for Reliable, Accurate and Efficient Data Transfer
63 Eliminating Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium in Abrasive Blasting
64 Fully Organic Repair of Air Force Assets via Cold Spray
65 SSBN Submarine Tank Work Technology Insertions
66 Navy Enterprise Sustainmaint Technology Team (NESTT) & Initial Navy Sustainment IPL
67 Low-Maintenance, Hydrophobic, Non-Delaminating Radome
68 Joint Robotics Organization for Building Organic Technologies (JROBOT)
69 Artificial Intelligence Based Scheduling Engine for Metalizing Processes
70 Advanced Corrosion Preventive Compounds for Aerospace Applications
71 A Predictive Analytics Framework to Improve Readiness and CBM Practice in Fleet Operations
72 Utilization of Additive Manufacturing and Digital Part Libraries for Equipment Sustainment.
73 Environmentally Friendly Cleaners for Aerospace Applications
74 MDMC M777 Breech Collar Repair Process
75 Novel Enabling Technologies to Insert Laser Ablation into Repair and Production Facilities
76 Skyplates: Parts Management System
77 Laser Ablation – Throughput, Quality, Ergonomics & Safety
78 BR-1, a Safer Solvent for the Future of Maintenance
79 Reverse Wear with Anisotropic (sticky/slippery) Nanoflakes During Normal Operation
80 How to Pinpoint the Absolute Positioning of Flaws using Portable and Modular Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

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