032 – “Theater Integrated Combat Munitions System”

Author: Brett Kulp
Company: Air Force – AF/A4LW
Email: Brett.j.kulp.civ@mail.mil

The AF Theater Integrated Combat Munitions System is a comprehensive Application as a Service (AaaS) initiative to replace 8 legacy munitions-related IT systems providing critical warfighting mission area capabilities while preserving associated business mission area functionality. Breaking from traditional approaches to IT deployment and management, the munitions community embarked on an aggressive, game-changing strategy to deliver critical capability to AF warfighters.

With a full suite of modular and scalable functionality, including the ability to operate in a planned/unplanned disconnected state, TICMS will revolutionize munitions capability planning, command and control, maintenance, complete-round assembly, expenditure reporting and total asset visibility with full, audit-ready transactional level detail. Partnering with the AF Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks (C3I&N) program executive office to host, configure and test in a government cloud environment, the munitions community is redefining the model on inserting rapid innovation into today’s operations and increasing readiness.

On schedule for User Acceptance Testing in Dec 2018 and full deployment to ~207 locations in Mar 2019, TICMS lays the foundation for continued dominance in air, space and cyberspace and sets the conditions for fully networking the munitions data into warfighting mission area combat systems.