033 – “Mobile Maintenance Documentation Application”

Author: John Saunders
Company: USAF AF/A4P
Email: john.f.saunders.mil@mail.ml

Mobile Maintenance Documentation Application resolves a growing challenge for logisticians to interface rapidly evolving modern technology with legacy Information Technology (IT) systems. Aircraft maintainers from across Air Force’s “Log Nation” aligned with Apple at their Headquarters in Cupertino, CA to brainstorm, design, and develop a mobile application to securely interface with their aircraft maintenance mission information system (MIS), and navigate the cyberspace complexities of its integration with its legacy systems.

The result: a secure mobile application that enables aircraft maintainers to capture flight line documentation at the point-of-maintenance, rather than hand-scribing forms, which were previously transcribed onto aircraft maintenance systems of record. The Airmen’s knowledge and insight of the maintenance requirements and processes in conjunction with the Apple “Think Differently” method produced a user new experience that is fundamentally transforming and modernizing how Air Force maintenance is done. This effort is also blazing the path to mobile application development for the Air Force.