034 – “SAM Deck Scaler”

Author: Robert Kent
Company: Temple Allen Industries
Phone: (240) 888-6536
Email: rkent@templeallen.com

Problem Statement
The popular Aurand MP6 surface scaler can remove failing non-skid surface on carrier decks prior to reapplication. Injury rates amongst maintainers wielding the tool, however, are high, and no other tool has been found that can successfully address the particularly durable high-friction coating.

Description of the Technology
The Temple Allen SAM (Standup Abrading Machine) Deck Scaling Tool takes the already-proven Aurand MP6, mounts it on an ergonomic and vibration-dampening control handle to enable maintainers to confidently wield the MP6 while standing comfortably, and adds an integrated dust collection system and carry handle.

Current Development Status of the Technology
Multiple configurations of the SAM technology wielding various rotary and dual-action sanders, buffers, and grinders are available for sale as a commercial product to government and private sector clients. The Deck Scaling configuration featuring the Aurand MP6 is in final testing and should be ready for commercial sale in Q4 2018.

Test Data Supporting Performance Claims
SAM systems have been in regular use at commercial and military locations since the tool was first introduced in 2014. Each customer found that the equipment met or exceeded internal targets for vibration exposure reduction and productivity.

Next Steps
Call Temple Allen to get questions answered, ask for a demo, or configure a system you want quoted.

Potential Benefits
SAM systems improve surface consistency and quality, eliminate injuries associated with manual operations, reduce exposure to toxic dust, and improve schedule reliability.

Big Picture
Maintenance done right, whether by the military or the private sector, takes advantage of all the things humans do well and implements alternatives for those tasks humans do poorly. Many critical-path maintenance processes still suffer from challenging environments, difficult ergonomics, and expensive asset downtime. Better solutions are urgently required – solutions that will protect workers, save money, and maximize productivity – and Temple Allen exists to make them.